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Additional Self-Care Resources for all Audiences

Types of Self-Care Definitions




Self-Care In Health Article

Multiple definitions of visual self-care.

Self-Compassion in Teachers

A narrative example of self-care and burnout in teachers

Self-Care for Social Workers

An AMAZING website FULL of information and wonderful links. This page covers mostly what self-care is and how it changes lives.

Definitions of what self-care is and is not

A good definition of what self-care is and is not


Definitions of self-compassion and link to what self-compassion is not

Reasons for Self-Care




APA’s Stance on Self-Care

Simple explanation of why self-care is necessary for people helping professionals

NASW Policy on Self-Care

Explanation of secondary trauma and how self-care can help. Focused on Social Workers

Dissertation on Self-Care for Trauma Workers

How to recognize, acknowledge, and deal with self-care as someone who works with traumatized individuals.

Putting your own self-care before caring for others

Reasons for putting self-care first in your professional life

Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

An article documenting the importance of self-care and why it is not a selfish pursuit.

Self-Care is Essential for Mothers

Reasons and examples of why self-care is essential for mothers, even when it seems counter-intuitive.

Self-Care Ideas




Self-Care Plan and Questionnaire

Long PDF of questions related to troubling behaviors or life state and examining its causes and solutions.

Simple Self-Care Ideas

List of 80 simple self-care ideas

Self-Care Ideas for Grievers

List of MANY different and unique ways of self-care for grief or trauma

Self-Care Solutions

9 concise ways to put self-care into action

Self-Care Ideas by category from the ACA

List of self-care ideas by category

Links for self-care for teachers

Dozens of links covering many aspects of self-care. Very Thorough. Aimed at teachers

Free Guided Meditations for Self Care

Aimed at building self-compassion, several guided meditations.

PowerPoint Resources




School Counselor Resource Manual on Self-Care

Basic Outline/word web image

Self-Care for Counselors

Article detailing why self-care is necessary for counselors as well as why it makes you a better professional

Self-Care for Teachers

Simple ideas for self-care for teachers and basic definitions

Self-Care ideas

Amazing collection of self-care ideas

Brown Bag Art Journal Tutorial

Many different uses for these journals