"You're pregnant!"

No matter what, these words pack an emotional wallop. f you're unmarried or in a difficult situation, a pregnancy may well be some of the worst news you've ever received.  You may be feeling shock, fear, dismay, guilt or embarrassment.  You probably feel alone, scared, and overwhelmed about the decisions you need to make.

Our ministry provides counseling and various forms of assistance to people who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. As crisis pregnancy counselors, we are able to share information about different options that are available. We try to make certain that you have as much information as possible on all your options.  

We are also adoption caseworkers, assisting people in selecting an adoptive family for their baby. Our job is to study these adoptive families as well. Adoptive parents must meet many legal requirements as well as completing interviews and home visits. By studying the families prior to showing the birth parent(s)  their profile, we are able to describe the families personally and with details which helps the birth parent(s) get a better idea about the family.

Our service has many different aspects to it, but each centers around helping birth parents choose what is the best option for the baby and for them. These kinds of decisions take time, thought, and patience. Family support is always helpful, but some people considering adoption find themselves without support from their family which makes their decision all the more difficult. Considering adoption takes unselfish love on the part of the birth parent(s) because they must set their feelings, needs, and desires aside to make the best decision possible to ensure their baby will grow up happy, healthy, and loved. Many young people we work with deeply desire a two-parent family for their child and so consider adoption as a way to ensure their child is loved by both a mother and a father. Some people are already stressed financially and do not wish to bring another child into a home that is already struggling. Many parents have shared that they feel they are already so physically and emotionally stressed with the child(ren) they have at home, they cannot even imagine adding one more person’s needs to their daily routine. Finally, some clients have shared that they simply did not plan for a child at this time in their lives.

As clients are counseled and as they review their options, many approach adoption with the idea that an adoptive family will be able to provide for their child in ways they could not at this particular time in their lives. We would like to emphasize again that our job is to help you see all of your options concerning this pregnancy. We try to help you see the positives and negatives of each option, and then assist you in reaching your goals concerning the pregnancy.

We’re here to help!

If you would like more information, please call A Mother's Choice at 1-800-553-2229 (BABY), or 1.575.365.5372, ext. 105, or email patriciam@nmcch.org.  If you need after hours assistance, please call or text  Patricia Miller on her cell phone at 575.799.7752.