Couples seeking to extend their families frequently will look outside of the United States borders for adoption options.  This requires working with an agency that does international adoptions and can conform to all of the Hague Convention guidelines.  Additionally, the family will frequently need to local a local, licensed adoption agency to do the Home Study and all of the follow up home visits.  The number of visit and the frequency of reports will vary depending on the country of origin of the adoptive child.  

Depending on the international adoption agency selected, families are frequently expected to also locate and pay for their own attorney fees in addition to any agency fees charged by the International adoption agency.  Other costs will also include air fare to travel to the country of origin, usually with a case worker from the adoption agency, when it comes time to pick up the adoptive child.  There may be some prolonged periods of stay for the potential adoptive family, again this depends on the country of origin.  

There was an interesting OP/ED article in the New York Times about Evangelical Christians seeking to adopt internationally, and you can read that article here:  If you read articles in the NY Times this year, you may have to sign up for a free access to the site in order to access the article.  

A Mother's Choice has participated in international adoptions by doing the Home Studies and the follow up visits as needed and prepared the reports needed by the requirements of the International Adoption agency.  These requirements are set out by each country and outlined in the Hague Guidelines.  You can see a link to those guidelines here:  (  These guidelines also vary by each state in the United States, so potential adoptive parents would be wise to do their research prior to pursuing a contract with an international adoption agency.  It is possible that these agencies will not guarantee you a child or provide for any refund if you are unable to find a child with their agency.