AdoptiveFamily_baby.jpgPotential adoptive parents are encouraged to connect with A Mother's Choice and begin the application process early on so their profiles can be presented to potential birth parent(s) for consideration. A summary of the process is outlined below:  


  • Application Packet-- a $4,500 application fee is required with filing and actively retained with the application.
  • Background Checks and Clearances-- $4,500 fee payment due
  • Training and Orientation-- New Mexico requires training for all adoptive parents.  We have located some high quality, online professional development to provide this adoption pre-placement training and we are also able to provide certificates for any hours of training we provide as well.  The online training is provided for the parents to access with an independent company.  At this point the adoptive family is expected to pay their next payment of $4,500.  
  • Home Study-- $4,500 payment is due.  As with many states, New Mexico is standardized on the SAFE  process.  Our staff are certified and will engage in multiple in-home interviews with all family members.  If you reside out-of-state, arrangements will be made on an individual basis to coordinate a SAFE home study.  This will also include a Home Safety Inspection, but don't worry.  We will go over the expectations of the inspection before the inspection so you will know what we are looking for in the Home Safety Checklist.
  • Placement of your new family member!  The final payment of $4,500 is due at this time.  
  • Judicial Hearing to create your new relationship.
The total cost of adoption with A Mother's Choice is $22,500 and includes all legal fees.  A complete breakdown of what portions are refundable and what are not will be provided in the application packet. You can also download a copy of the complete fee schedule with the refundable and nonrefundable portions clearly explained by clicking HERE.   


Resources for Expectant Mothers Considering Adoption